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Heather Altfeld has an undergraduate degree from Columbia University in New York with majors in both Anthropology and Creative Writing, and an MFA from the Cal State MFA consortium. She teaches in the Honors Program and for the Department of Comparative Religion and Humanities at California State University, Chico.

Heather's second book of poems, "Post-Mortem" won the 2019 Orison Prize, and is forthcoming in Spring of 2020.  Her first book, "The Disappearing Theatre" won the 2015 Poets at Work Prize.  She is the 2017 recipient of the Robert H. Winner Award from the Poetry Society of America and the 2015 recipient of the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry.  Her work appears or is forthcoming in Conjunctions Magazine, Aeon, Orion Magazine, NarrativeZYZZYVA, Poetry Northwest, and others. 

Heather has worked with the wonderful community of poets at Squaw Valley and completed residencies at the Vermont Studio Center. But the best compliment she ever received was from a third-grade student, who said, "It’s like Heather has 1,001 stories in her head. But even if she only had one, I would want to listen to it, like, a thousand times because she tells it so good."